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A take a look at that actions the level of a protein called carcinoembryonic antigen during the blood, which happens to be typically elevated in situations of cancer.

In magnetic resonance imaging, a magnetic subject that differs with spot, superimposed on the most crucial uniform discipline of your magnet, to change the resonant frequency of nuclei and permit detection of their spatial posture.

An abnormal tissue that grows by mobile proliferation far more fast than standard and proceeds to develop following the stimuli that initiated The brand new advancement cease.

A skinny, tube-like instrument by having an connected gentle plus a lens for viewing the inside on the abdominal cavity.

A ballooning-away from a section of artery a result of disorder or weak spot during the vessel wall (called an aneurysm) the largest artery in the body, the aorta.

A treatment by which an x-ray, or venogram, is taken of the bone after a Exclusive dye is injected into bone marrow, the delicate compound that fills the hollow Middle of most bones. intraperitoneal therapy

A little metal (normally gold) sphere, coil or cylinder with regards to the size of a grain of rice that is certainly put in or near a tumor to aid information The location of radiation beams throughout radiation therapy remedy.

A sort of doubtless precancerous polyp, an abnormal expansion that protrudes from your interior wall on the colon. Nearly all colorectal cancers establish from adenomas.

Of or concerning elated into a gland, a bunch of cells that secrete a substance needed by the human body. glenoid labrum

CAD is computer computer software that may be utilised to focus on suspicious functions on an image and bring them to the eye of the radiologist.

A diagnostic treatment by which a catheter is positioned in a sizable vein inside the leg or arm and Innovative to the center to look for blood pressure level in the heart, oxygen in the blood, and/or pumping ability of the guts muscle mass. (Also see angiography and angioplasty.)

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A family members-centered program of care that attempts to maintain chronically sick and terminal patients as at ease and Energetic as you possibly can.

A semi-rigid, tube-like product used to preserve an artery open up soon after angioplasty. The stent is product of metallic and coated with medication that is definitely little by little unveiled (eluted) that can help protect against The expansion of scar tissue inside the artery lining.

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